Like the Reading, the Science section contains 40 questions that must be answered in 35 minutes. Also like the Reading, the Science section is very aggressively timed. Some may see this as a coincidence, but we don’t. If you learn to view this test strategically, you pick up on its patterns.

We often have students who absolutely despise the Science section because they feel that they don’t know much science. Few students realize, however, that the amount of actual science knowledge you need to do well on this section is extremely minimal (it’s almost none, actually).

The Science section is very different from the kinds of science test you might encounter in school, and students who do well in school often struggle with this section the most. In fact, as crazy as it may sound, having a strong background in the scientific field that the questions are testing can sometimes actually distract you and slow you down on this test. Instead, the Science section is more of a psychological battle, in which the content repeatedly deceives you into thinking that scientific knowledge is necessary to get the answers right.
But knowing about the content of the Science section is only a part of what is needed to improve your performance on it. Understanding how the ACT has chosen to structure this section can be hugely advantageous in forming a detailed game plan of what to do and what not do in order to maximize your score.

Don’t let the Science section frustrate you. Let us show you how we’ve taught hundreds of students to shed their fear of this section by completely changing how they tackle it. Let our unique approach help you get the score you deserve.