Choose Your Track

Track 1: Self-prep

reading page 1No one wants to spend even a single minute more than absolutely necessary solving the ACT’s trapezoid problems or learning to spot their hidden comma splices.

Working one-on-one with an expert ACT tutor is ideal. But some students may not be able to do that on a regular basis (for reasons of schedule, budget, convenience, etc.), so they often opt to prepare for the ACT on their own.

But even then, completely unguided ACT prep often proves inefficient: students spend too much time and effort in exchange for lackluster results.

That’s why we designed Track 1. It allows students to meet with one of our ACT experts for a Strategy Session that provides concentrated advice and direction on what it takes to self-prep most effectively.

Track 2: Accelerated Prep

PracticeSo much is at stake when it comes to your performance on the ACT: your two-digit score on just one standardized test determines college acceptance, scholarship awards, selective program admission, and even course placement.

That’s a lot of pressure!

On top of that, many students are frustrated that their ACT scores don’t reflect their true abilities, and it doesn’t help that most students simply don’t have the time or expertise needed to significantly raise those scores.

Let us help you tackle the anxiety with the perfect solution: Track 2. One of our ACT experts — a top-scoring tutor who’s guided hundreds of students before you to success on the ACT — will work with you one-on-one until you reach the target score you deserve.

Track 1: Self-prep

Prep on your own (with a bit of guidance from us)
  • A 1-hour Strategy Session that includes the following:
    • expert advice from a highly experienced, top-scoring ACT tutor
    • how to determine whether a particular score gain is realistic
    • which ACT test dates are most strategic given your situation
    • an individualized game plan to reach your target score
    • how to maneuver strengths and weaknesses to maximize their score
    • which prep materials to buy and which to avoid
    • a practice schedule based on your next exam date
  • And, if you need it, an option for additional support from one of our ACT tutors after you start self-prepping

  • **All sessions are conducted via Skype
  • Sorry! We are currently at capacity, so this option is unavailable. In the meantime, please check out our ACT course offerings or sign up to be added to our Track 1 wait list, and we’ll contact you once availability opens up.
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