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Free ACT Practice Tests

Over the years, ACT, Inc. has released six retired test forms to the public. These complete ACT tests are a great resource for those seeking additional practice. The best source for these tests is

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The BTT Mental Map was specifically designed to guide you in taking notes on the critical parts of our strategy as you read The ACT for Bad Test Takers or watch our crash course videos. It is an excellent tool for helping to cement our strategic approach in your mind.

Test Information Release (TIR)

For just three test dates each year — those in April, June, and December — the ACT offers its Test Information Release (TIR) service, which can be ordered (for an additional $20 fee, of course) when you register for the test.

The ACT for Bad Test Takers discusses how why the TIR is actually worth every penny and how you should use this all-important tool strategically to maximize your score.

If you’ve recently taken the ACT (on an April, June, or December test date) and did not request the TIR when you registered for the test, you can still order it up to three months after your test date by completing and returning this form to ACT, Inc.

The ACT’s website also includes some general information about the TIR.

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